If you have not claimed tax relief previously and this is your first tax return, you can do so for the current tax year and also backdate a claim for the previous four tax years.

You may be eligible to claim tax relief on:
  • Membership fees
  • NMC registration fees
  • Uniforms (including shoes and tights)
  • Laundry costs for your uniform.
If you subscribe to Nursing Standard this is also eligible for tax relief.

How much you can claim will depend on a number of factors including how much your annual fees cost and your tax situation. As a guide, members who are UK tax payers can claim up to 20% on their RCN membership fees.

Please note that there are time limits for making a backdated tax relief claim

What are my options as a Nurse

Operate through a Limited Company Working through PAYE Umbrella
Positive Points to be happy with Positive Points to be happy with
The most tax efficient way of performing the  work Easy to use and operate
Can claim a variety of expenses All taxes and NI contributions are deducted in advance
Registration under VAT flat rate scheme and subsequent benefits Suitable for short term contracts
Complete control of your financial matters  Suitable for short term contracts less than 25K per year
Easy to run as long as you have a good accountant to do the necessary things in the right way Good if you are unsure if contracting is for you and you're really just in between permanent jobs.
Availability of tax planning opportunities Agency will do the paper work for you and you will have no tax planning opportunities available
Things to know a bit further Things to know a bit further
Time to arrange your paper work and other administration tasks Your final payment will be subject to PAYE and NI
Can be expensive at times especially if a lot of short -term work is carried out. Umbrella company will collect the money from the client
Might not be suitable for contracts less than £25k per year. No paper work to arrange or admin work to be performed