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If you supply goods and services both inside and outside the UK, then you may need to register for UK VAT if the value of your UK supplies alone exceeds the registration threshold.

There are always lots of variables when it comes to VAT and overseas but keeping to the general guidance you quote, you can ignore "supplies" ie goods you sell overseas, ie where you know they are going overseas and where you don't invoice someone in the UK.

Services however are more tricky because HMRC & Europe have had to devise a set of rules to determine whether the supply of services you make actually takes place in the UK or overseas.

Our online retail division is capable of making sure that you take care of your online business whilst we take care of your online regulatory compliance such as VAT. When dealing with online products or services, the following points are important to be missed.
  • The services such as gift wrap and charges, which are are non vatable if your online service provider is not UK based
  • HMRC Rreverse charge mechanism
  • Sales to EU that are to unregistered customers for VAT - Visit EU Analysis
  • How to use HMRC conversion rate for Non GBP priced products or services
  • How to treat online refunds
  • How to deal with online service charge
  • VAT Split and the same question for the EU sales - Visit EU Analysis
  • Retailer selling to private customers and not business to business
  • Inventory valuation and Fulfillment mechanism such as Amazon (FBA),
  • Online commission fees such as Ebay fees, amazon fees and paypal fees
  • EC Sales List (ESL) and the ESL online service.
  • How to treat margin schemes
  • When to use the simplified ESL
  • What is an Intrastat declaration? Visit EU Analysis
We, at MGT Silver Throne understand your online business model properly. If you are in the UK, inside EU or outside EU, we have online accounting softwares so that you can gain access wherever you are in the world. By doing so, you can manage your record keeping and manage finances remotely whilst we also have access, which allows us take care of necessary HMRC and other regulatory compliance aspects.

You can choose one of our service plans if this is the one you are looking for. Alternatively, we are also happy to discuss a tailor-made package unless our ready- made service plans are not suitable for your circumstances.

Please contact one of our partners to get a personalized plan
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