Independent Contractors

Accountancy & Tax services for Contractors and Directors

MGT Chartered Accountants provide proactive tax advice and accountancy services for IT contractors who choose to work through their own limited company.

IT Contracting has never been more popular, higher take home pay, the most tax efficient method possible, more freedom, less office politics. . . and what seems like the end of the 'permanent' job. Downsizing, outsourcing, corporate politics, death of the final salary scheme all seem to be pushing skilled IT professionals into contracting.

Many contractors work for the same company for years and other than a few small tax implications regarding travel costs to and from work, there is nothing wrong with this at all.

What are the benefits of IT Contracting? 

  • Freedom - being able to choose when and where to work
  • Being your own boss
  • Financial Benefits - you'll usually be paid more money than permanent members of staff working on similar projects
  • Doing the type of work you enjoy doing. Often as an employed person you are pulled in numerous directions, as a contractor your work will generally be more focused
  • Work experience - developing an impressive and varied CV by moving contracts frequently and experience of working in different types of organisations and work cultures
  • Less involvement and substantial reduction in office politics
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