Why Chartered Matters


The ICAEW is a world-class professional accountancy body that regulates the profession, providing leadership and practical support to over 130,000 members in 160 countries. Guidance to its members is based on the highest ethical and technical standards.

With the support of the ICAEW Chartered Accountants uphold the highest professional, technical and ethical standards throughout their career. They are committed to continuing professional development training, bound by our Code of Ethics, and subject to our disciplinary procedures. If they offer professional services to the public, they must also hold a Practising Certificate, Professional Indemnity Insurance and be part of ICAEW’s Practice Assurance scheme.

At MGT Chartered Accountants, we believe in acting in the best interests of our clients. The ICEAW assist in upholding regulations and standards at a professional and global level. They monitor and help firms, much like MGT Chartered Accountants, to sustain and develop the quality and integrity of the finance and accountancy profession. All member firms, including MGT Chartered Accountants, are required to have professional indemnity insurance, and a complaints procedure to help resolve any issues you may have with the services of a member firm.